As a business owner with over 300 employees we have to manage our health care costs carefully. Since Mauricio Giraldo took over our account, we have been extremely pleased. Our cost per employee was lowered and the biggest plus is that he manages the account 24/7. He is always available. That is a rarity in the insurance business. When you call him, he is back to you with an answer right away. He understands customer service and he has my business because of that. He is honest, polite, knowledgeable and a great family man. Mauricio is what I call a winner.  
- Martin Underwood

 Great company!! Very helpful with all my insurance needs. Highly recommended.  
- Eliza

 Mauricio y Diego les pueden asistir en la elección de sus seguros de una forma personal, directa y sincera! Los recomendamos al 100%  
- Enrique